The Old Truman Brewery has launched a new co-working venue specifically aimed at UK graduates. Gallery Six is a hub for engagement and a space to develop personal projects.
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The Truman Brewery has launched a new concept working environment specifically for first year BA graduates. Gallery Six Membership is free, and limited to a 3 month period. Members will benefit from a fully connected workspace with all the facilities you would need.

Gallery Six is a hub for engagement, a space for members to develop personal projects and to collaborate on in-house Truman projects. We are searching for future tastemakers & forward thinking individuals who are seeking an inspired environment, to be surrounded by likeminded creatives and have a motivation to collaborate. Day to day will vary greatly in typical Truman style – the space has been established to foster an environment where bold ideas can be enabled. Successful applicants will gain the experience and excitement of developing projects at one of London's most innovative venues. Gallery Six is a springboard for graduates, offering an opportunity to apply your skills to live Truman projects at a professional level while also developing your own personal projects. Gallery Six also offers successful members who impress an opportunity for a permanent position in one of the Old Truman Brewery teams.

In return we would expect you to be, to take and to use:
Be a self-starter willing to jump in and lend a hand wherever needed
Take the opportunity to integrate with various Old Truman Brewery teams
Use your skills to positively impact and influence Truman special projects and to be part of the energy of East London's creative quarter

What we want most is for you to share your time & skills in an active professional work space between your own projects and Truman projects.

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