The Old Truman Brewery has launched a new co-working venue specifically aimed at UK graduates. Gallery Six is a hub for engagement and a space to develop personal projects.
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Membership Application

To apply for Gallery Six membership we would love to hear about your practice or a personal project you are working on, and find out what really makes you tick.
Let us know a bit more about you by submitting examples of work or an online portfolio using the application form below.

Applications are open now to creatives who are within one year of graduating a BA
or BSc course. Queries can be emailed to

  • Intrigue us. Inspire us. Tell us some fun stuff about you. Tell us about your most recent adventure. Tell us about the last time you got into trouble. While it's great to hear that you may love The Old Truman Brewery, don't use this to do that!

  • Please include URLs of online examples of previous work such as online portfolios.

  • If you want to share your social presence with us do it here!